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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So, it's June already?!?

Where did the spring go?

1. First order of business is to post about the 'pay it forward' that Mandy in Canada did. She put together an awesome package chock-full of Canadian stuff from her Province that Tee and I were the lucky recipients of. Included in it were a(n): oven mitt, socks, Aerobar, super cute moose as a mountie magnet, a picture frame/flag magnet, and another magnet that encompasses being a woman. If I forgot something, I apologize. I've borrowed Tee's picture to use for this post--especially since the Aerobar didn't last long--and the other things have already been put to good use. The package was COVERED in the cutest Canadian stickers. I'm trying to figure out a way to salvage some of them to decorate my laptop with. :)

If you are interested in getting in on the 'pay it forward' action--let me know. I'll send out a package to you (limited to first three people who show interest in receiving something and sending something to someone else) full of super cool stuff that I think you'd like. Post a comment here if you want in.

2. Thomas and I took a road-trip to Detroit in mid-April to see JoDee and Craig for the weekend. We had originally planned to go to Penguicon, but other events kept us away from partaking of a majority of the festivities. This mainly being the flat tire that I got on the rental car on that Saturday that pretty much kept Thomas and I away from the hotel all freaking day. (Honestly, the only reason I wanted to go was to see my friends--and be supportive of Craig as he did his presentation. Oh--and to get my hair cut by Lisa at Tralise.

3. From Detroit that Sunday, we cut across Ontario into Niagra Falls, NY, and then down into Hershey, PA, the sweetest place on earth. Niagra was BEAUTIFUL. We made sure to view the falls from the Canadian side--and even though we couldn't stop and do the whole tourist thing (because parking was $12 per car and we still had miles and miles to go before sleep), we did hop out and take a few pictures.

Hershey was fun, even though the park was closed. We went to Chocolate World (with the singing cows) and took the chocolate tour, drove down streets with Hershey Kiss street lights, and enjoyed the lightly chocolate scented breezes while eating fresh from the factory store chocolate. Somehow, chocolate tastes sweeter there.

3. After Hershey, it was a straight shot into Baltimore, where we spent the remainder of the week at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront on the Inner Harbor. This was my first Baltimore experience--and I loved it. Sure, having a harbor view room on the 28th floor certainly helped--but the city itself (or the little piece that was located on piers) was nice and fun. We hit up the Hard Rock Cafe, ESPN zone, the National Aquarium, and the mall.

4. Although we both love traveling--after 9 days away from home, that ended up being the only place that we wanted to be. Back in our own house, with the ability to cook dinner, lounge on the couch, and just chill out.

5. Softball is going okay. We just won our two most recent games this past Sunday, which improved our record to 5-11. The goal of the team was to have fun, and that's what the majority of us are doing. :) Fall ball will start after the spring/summer season ends sometime in August, and will probably keep the team playing through October.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pay it forward...

I was reading this blog by a girl named Mandy about a thing that she was doing. Basically, she was going to send something to three people, and then those three people post on their blog to send something to three more people who respond to THEIR blog. Or something like that. Anyways, I linked to her blog through Tee.

So, now I guess the challenge is out. If you are interested in doing this, leave a comment here, and then send me an email with your address in it--and eventually, you'll get something fun in the mail. Or kewl. Or yummy. Or something in the mail--I'm not really sure what it will be. BUT you have to then put this challenge on YOUR blog to pay it to three more people, and so forth. Got it? Oh yeah, i guess you can email me at ? take off the question marks--is that enough to fool spammers?)

So now the waiting begins. Since I don't post that often, and only like 4 people read me with regularity, this could take a while.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


life happens.

Chincoteague was awesome--just in case you didn't know that. Day three was cold and sunny, and honestly, I hated to leave. I just hope that Thomas takes me back again this year. :)

Work is awesome. I love my job--and I have a great boss.

I'm moving at the end of the month, so I've begun the packing/sorting for goodwill/getting rid of junk phase. I swear that I donated 18 pairs of adidas.

Most of my time lately has been spent blowing off my 10k training, packing, running softball practice, and looking for new furniture.

Maybe I'll post again when I actually have something to share.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Quick programming break from Chincoteague...

Last night, Thomas suckered me into watching American Gladiators. I don't know if most of you remember that phenomenon that struck the early 1990's (unfortunately, this was right around the time that spandex was invented for the masses).

I remember the original American Gladiators--it came on Saturday afternoons after the cartoons and Linda Ellerbee's Nick News had ended. My brother (or mom) and I would watch it in fascination, cheering for the underdogs to beat the Gladiators--but also laughing hysterically when they lost. (quick side note--does anyone remember the Ellen show when it was a sitcom, and she was a competitor on AG? Was that the FUNNIEST episode of Ellen EVER? Man, I loved that show).

Anyways--so last night, Thomas and I watched the new AG. And although it was a throwback to the old school AG--tight spandexy silver lame costumes for the Gladiators, big vinyl covered foam blocks constructing the majority of the obstacle course--I was disappointed to see so many aspects found on my all-time favorite physical challenge show, Ninja Warrior. Here are the similarities that were noted:

The fall into the frigid waters of Mt. Midoriama is the chief reason for watching NJ. Now the AG peoples fall into the chlorinated waters of the studio.

The rolling log has felled many worthy contestants on NW--but somehow seems demeaning when used on AG.

The hand bike is a challenge of upper body strength on NW--but on AG, if the contestant falls off--they merely climb out of the foam pit of dispair and continue along the course. SLACKERS!

The cargo net is by far more challenging on NW--contestants take a flying jump from a trampoline to grasp the net and then either climb up or down to safety. On AG, they just climb it.

I will admit that the new AG was a great way to kill an hour, but I know that my favorite Ninja Warrior, Katsumi Yamada, would never lower his standards for a sell-out show like AG.

Oh yeah--I don't know if anyone else who watched this caught it or not, but there was a hint of incestuous lesbianism with the one contestant, Siene. For one, during the first competition, she administered one heck of a full hand tittie-twister to the Gladiator chick that was blocking her. And then she proceeded to talk about being hot and/or wet (often in combination with references to her mother, who was in the audience). "My mom told me to make her wet," was merely one of the memorable quotes that came from this chicks mouth.

Anyways, I guess I'll finish the Chincoteague post this week. l8r-ness!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Chincoteague, day 2...

It rained....alot.

It was cold....alot.

Sonic sucked....alot (and now we know why it wasn't on the NASA recommended dining list.)

But we indoor letterboxed (and donated money to the Chincoteague Island Rescue Coalition).

And we had yummy NASA approved Chinese food for dinner (at the Great Wall II--not to be confused with the other NASA approved Chinese restaurant, Great Wall).

Coming soon--Day 3 highlights. Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chincoteague Island--night one

When traveling, I highly recommend visiting NASA approved dining establishments.

On the Island of Chincoteague, two places have laid claim to having the "BEST FRIED CHICKEN". And of course, Thomas and I have taken it on ourselves to lay to rest which place really does have the best chicken on the Island. Maria's Italian and the Shore Stop gas station maintain this highly contested battle.

Located about 1.5 miles from the hotel, take-out dinner at Maria's encompassed fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and cheesy garlic bread with marinara (afterall, Maria's is actually an Italian restaurant).

Don't worry though--we walked both to AND from the restaurant.

Tomorrow--Day two highlights.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Guess what I got for Christmas....

A Nokia N810. Okay, not really. That was what Thomas bought for himself for the holiday and birthday--but I get to use it. And it's pretty darn nifty. Of course, the purchase was prompted by the news that Chump-USA was going to be closing all of their stores after the holidays.

Tonight, we took it war-driving. THAT was fun! :) It's hard to believe how many people have unsecured networks out there for anyone to stea-I mean, BORROW. Not that I've borrowed open networks for my own personal use before. Yeah...lets go with that.

Christmas was pretty good. Thomas and I drove into my parents on Saturday evening--and then drove back to Richmond last night. Now we only have three days of work, and then it's off to Chincoteague Island for the weekend and New Years.

Happy Holidays (whatever that may be fore you), and Happy New Year!