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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Guess what I got for Christmas....

A Nokia N810. Okay, not really. That was what Thomas bought for himself for the holiday and birthday--but I get to use it. And it's pretty darn nifty. Of course, the purchase was prompted by the news that Chump-USA was going to be closing all of their stores after the holidays.

Tonight, we took it war-driving. THAT was fun! :) It's hard to believe how many people have unsecured networks out there for anyone to stea-I mean, BORROW. Not that I've borrowed open networks for my own personal use before. Yeah...lets go with that.

Christmas was pretty good. Thomas and I drove into my parents on Saturday evening--and then drove back to Richmond last night. Now we only have three days of work, and then it's off to Chincoteague Island for the weekend and New Years.

Happy Holidays (whatever that may be fore you), and Happy New Year!


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