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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Quick programming break from Chincoteague...

Last night, Thomas suckered me into watching American Gladiators. I don't know if most of you remember that phenomenon that struck the early 1990's (unfortunately, this was right around the time that spandex was invented for the masses).

I remember the original American Gladiators--it came on Saturday afternoons after the cartoons and Linda Ellerbee's Nick News had ended. My brother (or mom) and I would watch it in fascination, cheering for the underdogs to beat the Gladiators--but also laughing hysterically when they lost. (quick side note--does anyone remember the Ellen show when it was a sitcom, and she was a competitor on AG? Was that the FUNNIEST episode of Ellen EVER? Man, I loved that show).

Anyways--so last night, Thomas and I watched the new AG. And although it was a throwback to the old school AG--tight spandexy silver lame costumes for the Gladiators, big vinyl covered foam blocks constructing the majority of the obstacle course--I was disappointed to see so many aspects found on my all-time favorite physical challenge show, Ninja Warrior. Here are the similarities that were noted:

The fall into the frigid waters of Mt. Midoriama is the chief reason for watching NJ. Now the AG peoples fall into the chlorinated waters of the studio.

The rolling log has felled many worthy contestants on NW--but somehow seems demeaning when used on AG.

The hand bike is a challenge of upper body strength on NW--but on AG, if the contestant falls off--they merely climb out of the foam pit of dispair and continue along the course. SLACKERS!

The cargo net is by far more challenging on NW--contestants take a flying jump from a trampoline to grasp the net and then either climb up or down to safety. On AG, they just climb it.

I will admit that the new AG was a great way to kill an hour, but I know that my favorite Ninja Warrior, Katsumi Yamada, would never lower his standards for a sell-out show like AG.

Oh yeah--I don't know if anyone else who watched this caught it or not, but there was a hint of incestuous lesbianism with the one contestant, Siene. For one, during the first competition, she administered one heck of a full hand tittie-twister to the Gladiator chick that was blocking her. And then she proceeded to talk about being hot and/or wet (often in combination with references to her mother, who was in the audience). "My mom told me to make her wet," was merely one of the memorable quotes that came from this chicks mouth.

Anyways, I guess I'll finish the Chincoteague post this week. l8r-ness!


  • At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Tee said…

    OMG - That last quote is GROSS!

    I have seen the original Gladiators but not the new one - now I'll be sure to CONTINUE to not watch. LOL.

  • At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Tee said…

    Just checking in to say hi :)


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