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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just an update...

Craig has been running a series on his website about his and JoDee's experiences leading up to our rendezvous in Cincinnati back in April. It's fun to read about things that I knew about due to numerous phone calls with JoDee, but which all tie in together when you see how it relates to this trip.

I started a new blog for the book club that I joined. The New Richmond Book Club is a small group of readers with only two dedicated member, though we tend to catch between 2-3 additional people each meeting. We meet about once every four to six weeks to discuss whichever book we chose during our last meeting. You can catch up on our latest books and meeting times by visiting the link.

The Traveling Turtle blog hasn't been updated since Cinci, mainly because I don't go anywhere except for work. Over Easter weekend, I did take Shellby to have her picture taken with the largest rattlesnake in the South, however. Photos will be forthcoming (whenver I take the time to go to Ukrops and use the free wi-fi, that is).

I really need a vaction, too. I actually earned a free round-trip ticket from AirTrain Airways with their Wendy's promotion back in December, 2005. Now, if only I had the time and money to go here. Isn't it pretty, ya'll?

No, I did not take this picture. This is Lake Tahoe, and I got the picture with a quick search on Google. But it IS pretty, and I've always wanted to go there.