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Monday, April 24, 2006

Even the ants here are stupid...

Ok, so I have some ants in my house. They're teeny-tiny little things, and I looked them up on Google--they go by the name of "pharoh ants". Research decreed that I should buy some ant bait to kill them.

I bought ant bait last week. I got the expensive little self-contained sweet traps (because pharoh ants like sweet stuff). I placed two of them out, following directions. According to the package, the ants will walk up the little ramp, partake of the sweet (yet indidiously deadly) bait, carry it back to their little colony, and all the ants would die. Pretty easy, right?

Apparently, the ants didn't get the "how to carry poison back to the colony and die" memo. All they had to do was walk up the ramp, take some poison, and go back to their little ant families and kill them all. I checked the traps last night, for curiosity sake, as they had been out for over a week.

Instead of seeing an empty bait trap, I found a bait trap full of ants that were either: a: swimming, or b: dead. No wonder I'm still finding ants! They're going to the Sweet Poison Mecca resort. Instead of tasting the bait, they dive headfirst in, I'm sure, in order to ensure more for them and less for their little ant friends and relatives. They aren't carrying poison back, they're gorging on it, and then suffering tiny little ant heart-attacks, or some other horrible ant maladies.

Stupid ants.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Make the pain go away...

6:00 am--I woke up this morning with a headache..or what I perceived to be a headache. I took two Tylenol and went back to bed for 20 minutes, believing that when the alarm went off again at 6:20, I would be magically healed and ready to take on the day.

Flash forward to 6:20am--I am not magically healed. My head still hurts, so again, I tried the 20 minute rule to headache treatment.

Flash forward to 6:47am--After 20 minutes and two hits of the snooze button, I deem myself in possession of a migrain (and seriously late for work if I don't get moving).

Flash forard to 8:25am--I get to work late, not because I didn't leave home until 7:55, but because of a minor fender bender that closed one lane of the two lane bridge I cross daily from the Southside to the near Westend (over the James River). When I did arrive, my headache was still there, I had eaten no breakfast in preparation of my dentist appointment (I was only going to brush and floss once before my appointment for a cleaning at 12 noon), and I came into work with problem after problem waiting to be resolved.

Flash forward to 4:30pm--Did I mention that I have a headache..nay, a migrain that is making my life miserable? Although it's not a debilitating migrain, the 6 Tylenol I have consumed today have not diminished it. The nausea has not abated. I still want to cry. I want to go home, take a nice warm shower, put on jammies, and chill out until about 9pm. I do not want to feel guilty about skipping the gym tonight, or about eating a dinner of strictly carbs (because honestly, noodles make the world go round).

I'm happy about having clean teeth (and slightly sore gums), bummed because I have a cavity that needs to be repaired, and very tired of this headache which is a precursor to the rain and thunderstorms that should be moving into the area tonight. Freakazoid that is myself only gets migrains when there's a weather change involving rain on the way (usually when it goes from hot to cold), though the change for tomorrow is only going from 85 today to 70 tomorrow. That's not a huge adjustment, but an adjustment nonetheless.

After I moved to Richmond, I used to go to Chick Filet when I had migrains. Nothing can cure me, but a chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and a giant Coke classic always seemed to help. Now, I'm too poor to buy that, so I'm going to settle for a Mickey D's iced tea on the way home, and settle my tummy (and hopefully kill the demon headache spawn still in my head) with a bowl of egg noodles.


Monday, April 17, 2006


was pretty good. I went to visit the 'rents over the weekend. It was very hot, very humid, and we had some pretty nasty thunderstorms that resulted in losing power on Friday night, and again on Sunday morning. I cooked every meal when I was there (sometimes living alone, I forget how much I like to cook). Easter lunch turned out awesome because I totally rock. I helped my dad dig some fence posts and put up a new sign for the farm. I fed the abandoned lamb with a bottle (she's absolutely adorable!) . I gave my fuzzerbearbaby* and chubby-bubby*lots of tummy rubs and kisses. I spoiled my mom with lots of yummy treats, and by doing the dishes and cooking. I helped my dad by doing the morning chores so that he could sleep.

I'm a good daughter.

Just to clarify, fuzzerbearbaby and chubby-bubby are my dogs. Well, they live with my parents, so I guess they belong to them, but they belong to me, too, because I give them the greatest belly rubs in the world, and they love me for it. I also gave them those names. My parents call them "Totey" and "Ranger" respectively, but I just call them like I see them--fuzzerbearbaby and chubby-bubby are much more apt names for them. The lamb, btw, was named "lonesome dove" by my mom--though she calls her Dove for short. I, of course, call her Lambykins.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Re: Cincinnati

Read about the trip on my new travel blog, The Traveling Turtle.

BTW, I had a blast! :)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's Tuesday at 9am...

and I just finished eating a German Chocolate Brownie. It was good, but I kind of regret eating it. Considering I bought it yesterday and forgot about it until this morning when I saw it in the backseat, I can't feel TOO bad about it. I actually bought it yesterday at lunch to enjoy last night after dinner, but by the time I got home from the gym, driving through severe thunderstorms, soaking wet with a combination of rain and sweat, the last thing on my mind was a brownie. At that point, all I wanted was a shower.

Anyways, I ate the brownie, it was good, and now I can literally FEEL the spike in blood sugar. This isn't really a good thing, I'm thinking. Meh...que sera sera.