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Friday, October 05, 2007

It's the third and final time...

That I'll ask you to go and vote for my PICTURE. The picture is titled "Farmers are outdoorsman, too".

I would appreciate all the 5's I can get--especially since the contest ends this month...and the pages are now being trolled by a bunch of nasty, spoiled Charlottesville middle schoolers.

So go--vote--and give me some ammunition to beat those little pissants!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Back from the trip...

And we survived. You can read more about it on The Traveling Turtle.

The following are just some assorted pictures from the drive to/from Columbus, and of Columbus itself.

I can show you that at 8am, we both have really blue eyes. Ignore the poofy-face--I always look like that first thing in the morning.

In the little town of Nelsonville, we came accross a Fruth Pharmacy.
Kind of fitting, right?

Accross from the Convention Center, we found this crazy little sign. Apparently, they were tired of all the fake dead executives taking up all the parking.

Along Route 33, we kept seeing signs for RMHC event, with an arrow. And we were curious what this even was--and what RMHC was. So we went looking for this mysterious RMHC event. And ended up in Deliverance, Ohio. (Of course, Deliverance being a reference to the movie--I'm not sure exactly WHERE we were). And there we had the unique opportunity to cross the "Crack" Tracks. And we never figured out what great event the RMHC was having.

And in West Virginia, we stopped to watch a barge practially FLY down the Ohio River--and I got this really kewl picture with the bridge. (ie--barge picture was for JoDee's benefit).

And finally, just outside of Lexington, I was able to get this beautiful sunset. Enjoy!