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Monday, January 29, 2007

The failure of Richmond Radio...

When I first moved to Richmond from Detroit, I went through serious radio withdrawls. I went from a diehard 89X to being without a radio home.

I tried out 102.1 from DC, with the super annoying Elliot in the Morning show. Elliot annoyed me more than Drew and Mike on the WRIF did.

For a while, I was listening to Richmonds new alternative Y101. It was pretty good, until they, too, went the route of the sucky morning show.

I absolutely detest Q94. The morning show isn't actually bad, but they play so much Justin Timberlake and Fergie, I want to scream.

The one day, I found what I thought was going to be my radio home. A new little station called 98.9 Liberty. They play EVERYTHING. And I finally found a radio station I could fall in love with. The played great music all the time--and no annoying DJ's in the morning. On the way to work, I only want three things: good music, weather, and traffic. I don't want DJ's chattering inanely about the current song. I don't want commentary.

When I lived in Michigan, one of my favorite stations for a long time was Alice 106.7. It was awesome--just like 98.9 started out--all music, all the time. Then they went and added DJ's--and everything went down from there.

Can't radio stations leave well enough alone? Why can't we have just music and weather and traffic? Is that too much to expect?

So, once again, I am without a radio home. I skip through stations during the day, avidly avoiding the country-western stations, looking for good music without talk.

Any other suggestions?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Thanks for Craigers...

for making it possible for me to type this from the comfort of my own home, as opposed to doing it at wor..I mean, as oppossed to not posting at all...because I would NEVER have posted something like this from work. I respect my company and position too much to jeopardize my employment by doing something so irresponsible. Yeah--irresponsible.

Oh yeah, mad props to my landlord for letting me use her internet for free. Man, I love my apartment.

and I also L-O-V-E the fact that, instead of hunched over my desk at wor...I mean, my other means of internet access--I'm lounging in my chair, feet propped up, typing on my trusty and beautiful Mac.

So, welcome to a new age of posts that can maybe mention the words "work, employer, day job, hell" without, hopefully, the retribution of possible termination--as long as I don't specifially mention any names, I should be pretty safe, right? Especially if I'm posting from home, and not utilizing my alternate means of internet. Anyone versed in internet employment law?

Oh yeah--so I'm here.Yay, me! :)