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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Delusions of Potato...

Six months ago, I made a dietary lifestyle change. I stopped eating all fast food, all fried food, all sugar sweetened drinks (which has now come to include all soft-drinks, including diet), and modified from white bread/pasta to whole grain varieties. I’ve been pretty good about sticking to the diet. One thing I have been adamant about has been NO FRENCH FRIES. In the beginning, that was the hardest. I would be driving home from my Dale Carnegie class late at night, and pass by two McDonalds, a Hardees, a Burger King, and Wendy’s, and would want to them so badly. Going anywhere was a challenge, because all I could think about was the crispy salty fries drowned in ketchup. Eventually, the cravings passed, and now I can face down fries and not be tempted.

Two weeks ago, I dreamt of French fries. Two separate dreams, each including friends and family members that I love, as well as fried potatoes of some variety.

The first dream, I was in a diner with JoDee, Craig, and a nameless/faceless guy. You know the kind of diner I’m talking about—all bright white, red vinyl seats, chrome trim—the kind of place you see on TV. We were at a table, and being a diner, this place served normal diner food—burgers, fries, and shakes. Sticking to my diet, I ordered a baked potato. When the waitress came back, she gave everyone their order, and in front of me, she placed a big white platter of assorted fried potatoes— French fries, those little crunchy hash rounds that fast food places serve with breakfast, and fried potato wedges. I looked at my plate, looked at the waitress, and told her that I couldn’t eat that. I ordered a baked potato because I gave up fried foods. She apologized and told me that they didn’t serve baked potatoes. Even though she told me there would be no charge, she left the plate of sin on the table, and told my co-diners that they could help them selves. At this point, nameless/faceless guy next to me reaches over, picks up the entire plate, covers it with ketchup and begins to devour it.

Later that night was dream number two. I was at my parents’ house. It was spring, sunny but brisk. My brother and mom are with me. My brother is doing something car repair related, and my mom is sitting in the driver seat. I’m standing outside, holding a paper plate covered with French fries and ketchup. Trying to not break my diet, I yell, “I don’t know whose fries these are, but they had better get over here and take them, or I’m going to start eating them.” I then eat a fry. My brother comes over, and I say, “Great, now look what you made me do! I have to eat them all now.” Then I woke up.

I’m no dream interpreter, but I would think it’s safe to assume that I want sex. Wait, I mean, French fries. Yeah, maybe I should lean towards the French fry answer.

Anyways, I was telling my mom about the dreams, and after I finished telling her about the second one that she’s in, she pauses and asks, “What kind of fries were they?” And I’m like, “What do you mean? Weren’t you listening? They were French fries.” And she was like, “No, I mean, what KIND of French fries? Like steak fries? McDonald’s fries? Curly Fries?” To be honest, they were those crinkly-cut fries that you buy in ball park concession stands at little league games. Kind of gross, I know, but hey— French fries are all the same, right?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

News from the homefront...

Mom just called with good news from her checkup. Everything looks great, blood counts are almost normal, and the biopsy showed nothing significant which would be considered a relapse. Now she's off to celebrate with Krispy Kremes.

Yay! :-D I'm happy, too.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Apparently, Hell has frozen over...

and in this case, I DO mean Michigan. Who would've thought with the first snow of the year falling in October would mean that the Tigers would advance to the World Series? And then to be followed by a Lions win? WTF is going on in Detroit? I guess my next question is--could another Stanley Cup be in the making for the Wings this year? Let's keep our fingers crossed, because we ALL know that baseball, basketball, and football are only there to occupy your time until hockey season begins. :)

On another note--I'm pretty excited because, barring no major catastrophes, this time next month I'll be packing and getting ready for my Thanksgiving roadtrip. Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Nothing really to report.

Still trying to find a new "salon" to bring my skills and experience to.

The student loan people finally tracked me down, and now I'm uber-broke for the rest of my life.

Keeping the faith that my trip to Michigan will still be feasible for Thanksgiving.

Slacked off a little with exercise towards the end of last week (weather related), but oh well--I think I just needed break because my body hurt and I slept.

Then, I fell on my knee playing tennis on Monday night. It's been a little swollen this week, which was exacerbated by the 3.5 hours of softball last night (practice and 2 games). Sunday afternoon is another double-header.

I have a check in at the gym tonight, so maybe I'll be given encouraging news to keep me motivated towards the challenge.

Soooooo....What's up with all of you?