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Sunday, February 18, 2007

I felt like writing a post...

but I have no topic at hand.

So, this may or may not turn out decently. Either way, feel free to read.

I bought groceries for the first time in three weeks. I decided it was time--especially since my choices for dinner last night came down to a bowl of Cocoa Crispies or a pack of Ramen. Guess which one I had? Well, if you know anything about me, you would have said, BOTH! and you'd have been absolutely right! Well, I had the cereal--then a few hours later decided I was still hungry and had the Ramen. LIke you really needed to know that, but like I said--it's a slow ruthie-news week.

At the store this morning, I dropped alot of money on some essentials. Well, to be perfectly honest, of the $90 bucks I did spend, $20 of it covered a new bottle of olive oil, two years supply of garbage bags, and a new compact powder to replace the one I broke last week.

Right now, I'm curled up on the couch, wrapped in my most favorite pink plaid fleecy blanket JoDee made me for Christmas two years ago. One of the perils of a basement apartment is the predilection of it to feel kind of cold and damp. Don't get me wrong--I prefer cold and damp over hot and humid any day--but it seems particularly cold and damp today. My toes are cold.

I think I'm going to take a nap--and maybe drink some hot chocolate.

Hope you had a good weekend.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Thoughts of a weather nature...

Meteorologists in the area have predicted two severe weather fronts in the recent past-and both turned out to be nothing. One day, without even a flake of snow to base it on, schools and businesses closed for the day--based on the THREAT of snow. Only in Ricmhond, eh?

Tonight, we may or may not see an ice and snow storm that has been in the predicting stage for a few days. The NOAA has changed the forecast about four time in the past 24 hours. What will happen? Who knows--but I'll admit it would be nice to have a 'snow day' from work.

I AM PREPARED!!! I have a brand new When Harry Met Sally DVD, a box of turtle brownie mix, and a bag full of unread books (courtesy of mom). I could use the time to catch up on the Young and the Restless--since I get to catch an episode of it every 4 years or so, I should be pretty up to date with the plot line. And I could see how old Bob Barker is doing on the Price is Right--and watch someone lose at Plinko (I think it's fixed).

Along with warm fuzzy socks, comfy jammies, and internet access, I could have the best snow day ever--well, maybe not ever--but the best in recent memory (the last occuring sometime in 2000 when the weather gods dropped a good 2-3 feet of snow on Michigan--and I was actually paid for having the day off).

Now, if only the weather would cooperate.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Dinner with a friend...

We used to have dinner together alot in the olden days. In college, we had dinner together three or four times a week. Pizza from the after hours Oakland center Pizza Hut on campus. Our Thursday girls nights out at Fridays with the other 'girlz in the hall' from 5 HIll House. Our Tuesday 'Drew Carey' dinner and TV viewing. Our late night Meijer, Krispy Kreme, and Taco Bell trips just because we were awake and hungry.

After college, even though we didn't live down the floor from each other any more, we still managed to grab a few meals a week together. When I relocated from Macomb to Belleville, that dropped to maybe once or twice a week. But since I moved to Virginia, JoDee and I don't have alot of opportunity to have dinner together any more. Something about that 800 mile buffer zone between here and Michigan puts a real kink in our spur of the moment dinner plans.

Tonight, though, JoDee and I met for dinner (sans Craigers). We picked a time, planned a menu, and met over the phone for some quality chat time. I made chicken stir-fry with the YUMMIEST teriyaki sauce EVER! She partook of crock-potted goodness of her own making. (and believe me, it had to be good--because JoDee is a GREAT cook).

Dinner was delicious, the company was awesome, and I realized how truly thankful I am to have friends who make the effort to keep us connected, even though the distance could very well have ended our friendships years ago.