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Monday, July 18, 2005

my new diet...

I decided over the weekend to start a new diet, effective today. I picked up a copy of the "south beach diet" at sams club over the weekend, and then subsequently spent $70.00 buying the groceries to at least get through this week. The only drawback to the diet is the basis of eggs and egg recipes (oh, and the elimination of all processed and refined sugars and flours from your meals). I've decided that since I'm allergic to eggs, that for every egg, I'll substitute 1/2 of a chicken breast for the protient exchange. For example, this morning I should have eaten two mini-quiche cups. Instead, I ate a chicken breast and a small can of V-8 juice. It's not an exact science, but I hope that it gets me back on track to being healthier again. I've already cheated, though, but nothing bad for me--i ate my little cheese stick thing, and an hour later, I was still hungry, so I bought one of those 50cent bags of planters p-nuts. I ate 15 (the recommended serving amount in the book), but then finally just ate the entire bag. I guess it could be worse--it could have been a pound of chocolate or a wedding cake or something.

Anyways, I'm doing my best to stick to this. I have a food journal, I have an accountablity partner through email, and I have support from the Blogger Biggest Losers. So, to my 3 amigos who actually read this page, keep your fingers crossed for me. Wish me luck, and pray that I can avoid temptation in the form of pasta, bread, and chocolate. They are the enemy! (at least, for the next 14 days).

Oh yeah, over the weekend, I went with Cathy and some of her family to see Wedding Crashers. It was funny, but inappropriate for children. There's something about Owen Wilson--it must be the comedy aspect. His brother is alot cuter, but not possessing the depth that Owen does, though the nose thing bugs me a bit.

Monday, July 11, 2005

legally blonde?...

On Friday night, I went out with Nellie to the Salsa festival at the Richmond Convention Center. Since she's Puerto Rican, she know's how to salsa, while I, a white girl, do not. Anyways, it was HOT in the conference center, and the drinks weren't very strong, so we left after about 2 hours. The weather was so nice out, we ended up sitting on a bench out on the street for two hours just watching people and traffic. At night, Richmond could almost pass for a real city. In fact, the area near the convention center reminded me of Greek Town--without the restaurants, casinos, people, and general fun atmosphere. It made me homesick for Michigan. Eventually, just like in college, we hit Taco Bell at like, 12:30 for sustenance. Around 1am, Nellie headed home to her husband and kids, and I headed back to my apartment.

On Saturday, I decided to clean my apartment. Ok, I mean, REALLY clean my apartment. And of course, I do my best cleaning with background noise, so I turned on the television, and my all time favortie movie, Legally Blonde, was on. And of course, I was compelled to watch it from beginning to end, using commercial breaks to frantically rush around and do cleaning tasks. But why was it important to watch this movie AGAIN? I own two copies of this movie (one on VHS, and the special edition DVD), I own the soundtrack, and i've probably seen the movie about 27 times, if not more. I guess its just my "feel good" movie, and I wanted to feel good! And it's my way of cleaning during commericals only that explains why it takes me 2 days of nonstop cleaning to finish a one room efficiency apartment.

Sunday found me at Bed Bath and Beyond for no particular reason, except I had a 20% off any one item in the store coupon that I thought about using. I wanted a wicker laundry basket to put next to the door in order to try to keep my shoes organized. Instead, I dropped $50 bucks on two sets of curtains and a curtain rod. Not bad, considering that at regular price, the two sets of curtains alone would have retailed for over $120. I paid, just for the curtains, $30. I LOVE a good deal on stuff! And now, after almost a year in Richmond, I have curtains in my apartment.

I guess my nesting instinct is starting to kick in, as all of a sudden I want to live in cleanliness and not filth. Either way, I'm proud of my efforts. Too bad noone will ever see it 'cept for me.