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Monday, July 24, 2006

Actual conversation I had last night...

I want to preface this posting by saying that Liz (the girl I rent from) really is a great person. She has never been anything but nice to me, and during the two years I've rented her basement apartment, we've had very little interraction. I pay my rent on time, and we pass occasionally in the driveway. I call her landlord, but she calls me roomate in those instances she's introduced me to her friends.

I came home from dinner with a friend last night to find this note on my door.
I bought a new car, and will begin to park in the garage again. Can you please pull up as far as possible in the driveway from now on? This should give me enough room to make the turn into the garage.

Since I had just came in and hadn't received the note before I parked my car for the night, I wanted to clarify with her that she meant beginning Monday, and not Sunday regarding the changed parking situation.

I knock on the door.
Me: "Hey,'s me. I have a question."
Liz: "Hey Ruth, what's up? C'mon in."
Me: "I just got your note about the parking, and wanted to make sure that you meant tomorrow and not tonight. If you need me to pull up tonight, that's not a problem, I just thought I'd check."
Liz: "Oh no, tomorrow is good. I don't pick up my car until then"
Me: "Cool. So, I bet your excited about your new car! What did you get?"
Liz: "Oh, just a small Lexus."

Even if a Lexus is small, it's still a Lexus.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I'm not dead.